Selection of Teachers for Training
       Special drives have been undertaken by the State Government for selection of teacher trainees under a totally transparent, computerized decentralized and accelerated system. All communication between SCERT and DIETs relating to selection has been ensured through website and e-mail. 60,000 teacher trainees selected under special drive and they are undergoing training in phases. Further selection of 28,385 teacher trainees is in process. Selection and training of 6000 teacher trainees with proficiency in Urdu is complete. Further training of 5000 teacher trainees having proficiency in Urdu is in process.
Pre-Service Training
(1)   Training of Special B.T.C. Trainees. Training Urdu Special B.T.C. in process

(2) Training of Shiksha Mitras, EGS/ AIE Instructors & Literacy functionaries.

(3)  Pre-service Training for physical Education and nursery training also being conducted.
Pre-Service Training
-  Subject related Training.
- Training for conduction of action research and preparation of school development plan to make teachers proficient in overall improvement of their school.
- Training for Computer Awareness.
- Use of subject wise teacher manuals.
- Training to inculcate values in children.
-  Need based training.
- Teacher Motivation.
-  Remedial teaching Training.
- Multi Level Multi Grade Teaching.
-  Framing of questions and setting of question papers.
-  Active Library in Schools.
-  Environmental Education.
- Health ,Hygiene and Safety.
- Information management and its use for school development of plan.
- Leadership Building, School Management and Planning.
- Training for enhancement of reading skills.
Training of Para teachers- Shiksha Mitra and Acharya Ji
These shiksha Mitras and Acharyaji's have been selected by the village education committee. As they were not having prior training in pedagogy (because they have not been provided with two-year BTC training), a comprehensive training programme has been designed for them. This training package has been prepared with the help of experts from Rajasthan Shiksha Karmi Board, subject matter specialists, practicing teachers, NGO activists and members of State Resource Group. The duration of this comprehensive training programmes was one month. The package lays stress on basic concepts of Language, Mathematics and EVS. It also aims at developing competence, commitment and perceptions of the needed performance standards in the trainees. The training programmes for selected Shiksha Mitra/Acharya Ji have been organized at district level under the supervision and control of DIETs. Most of these programmes were very effective due to holistic approach followed and practical activities introduced as integral part of the sessions.
Teachers Training Progammes
SCERT UP conducted Teachers Training through its Units as well as DIETs in the State.
Basically 4 major categories -
- Content-based
- Community-related areas
 - Interlinking with other social sector departments
 - General
- BTC 2 yrs course
- VBTC 6 months
- Urdu BTC 2 yrs
- Para Teachers
 Need-based subject wise trainings
Handling n Use of Audio-Visual aids
Micro planning n school mapping
Multi grade teaching
Remedial teaching Integrated Edu trainings(all Pri/U’Pri)
Continuous n Comprehensive evaluation related training;
 Shiksha-mitra training
 Computer Health n Hygiene
 Teaching Pedagogy Based
-Total literacy programs
-Gender sensitization
-Seminars on Aids awareness
-Workshops on women-empowerment
-Reading habits