Development of textbooks
    The primary and upper primary level curriculum has been thoroughly reviewed and has been formally adopted by the U.P. Basic Parishad in the year 2000. Based on this updated curriculum, new textbooks have been developed for primary and upper primary classes. There are two textbooks for Class II i.e., Language and Mathematics. For Class III, there are five textbooks i.e., Hindi, Mathematics, Social studies, English and Sanskrit. There are six textbooks for Class IV and V i.e., Hindi, Mathematics, Social studies, English, Sanskrit and Science. For the upper primary Classes 21 textbooks (Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social science and Sanskrit) were developed through the series of workshops.
  The exercise undertaken at the SCERT level encompassed inter alia a broad orientation of the writing team on various issues pertaining to pedagogy, children’s interest and their learning pattern, appropriate class room practices and role of continuous and comprehensive evaluation. The team of authors consisted of serving elementary school teachers, DIET lecturers, BRC coordinators, specialists from universities, NCERT and SCERT department e.g., SIE, IASE (CPI), SISE and Rajya Hindi Sansthan, representatives of NGOs, gender and quality coordinators and a group of selected illustrators.
   State Institute of Allahabad has developed books on Environmental studies for class VI-VIII which has been introduced in the schools. the books on ‘Grih Shilp’ for the same classes has been developed by SIE Allahabad which has been introduced from the academic session 2006. A book on ‘Agricultural Sciences for classes VI-VIII has been revised by SISE, Allahabad in the year 2005.
                                                                                   Development of Teacher Manuals
   Teacher manuals or teacher editions of textbooks were earlier developed to make the teachers aware of structural terms, teaching techniques, methodology and explanation of hard spots. Revision of Curriculum & textbooks necessitated that teachers be properly inducted and oriented into the new methodology and specific content areas. Hence new teacher manuals are soon to be developed for effective classroom teaching of all subjects. In these teacher manuals there will be a paradigm sift from teacher centered to student centered and activity based teaching.